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StyleCraft SC534B Fixed Fade & Blending Shallow 2.0 Improved Teeth Spacing

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  • Compatible with all StyleCraft and Gamma+ hair clipper models
  • Black Diamond Carbon DLC fixed fade blade stays cooler, rust-free and sharper longer and is ideal for blending
  • Black Diamond Carbon DLC Moving shallow tooth 2.0 blade is ideal for faster performance, cooler operation, rust- free, and improved hair feeding
  • Fully adjustable zero gap
  • Black Diamond Carbon DLCExtremely durable, rust and corrosion impermeable, and stays sharper longer with the coolest operation. 
  • Gold TitaniumOffers hypoallergenic properties that are ideal for sensitive skin, easy to sanitize, and perfect all-around hair cutting.
  • Stainless Steel: Premium quality Japanese Stainless-Steel is super strong and durable for maximum performance while being the most cost effective
  • Blade Alignment: To align your blades, make sure that the movable top blade does not extend over the fixed bottom blade. If not installed properly, it can snag or drag on the skin.
  • Achieve zero gap: When you have the front and back blades flush. To achieve this on clippers, make sure your lever is in the shortest up position and remove the screws. Place the blade teeth where they are touching while the upper blade is slightly further than the lower blade.  Don't tighten the screws to tightly, leave at medium tension so you can maneuver the blades. Once in position, finalize and tighten the screws.