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Gamma+ Evo #HCGPELT Cordless Modular Turbocharged Magnetic Motor Trimmer

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  • Power high speed 10000 rpm magnetic motor that runs quieter and lasts longer than any other trimmer in the market 
  • Lithium-ion battery provides a 120 minute cordless run-time with included charging stand
  • Ergonomically engineered to be perfectly balanced in your hand
  • Multiple blade sets and options includes - Black Diamond standard fixed blade, ceramic cutting blade ideal for bulk cutting, Black Diamond shallow tooth blade for coolest operation, and special wide blade set for the sharpest edges.
  • 3 included interchangeable colored body kits (Chrome, Gold, Rose Gold) with a removable drop-top skeleton option
  • Includes axis shield, charging stand/charging cord, mini USB cord, 3 guards, 3 different cutting blades, and cleaning kit
  • 100-240V for WORLDWIDE USE