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Gamma+ Evo Nano Mister Lightweight Portable Quiet Operation Compact Design

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  • Nano atomization technology dispenses a targeted and super fine fog like mist ensuring liquids lands where they're supposed to, keeping stations and clients dry.
  • Lightweight, portable, quiet operation, refreshes skin, finely mists hair, fast absorption
  • Engineered with a Lithium-ion battery, it provides 90-minutes of cordless run-time on low setting and 60 minutes on high setting.  
  • Rechargeable with a USB Type-C connection for universal worldwide use, 5V, 10Watts.  
  • High and low mist settings are easy to do with a simple touch of the buttons and the LED light will illuminate when charged.  
  • Cordless and compact, this handheld design is great for travel too.  
  • It holds 13 ounces high-capacity water storage for less frequent refilling, lasting longer use and more coverage, all while offering quiet operation.