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COCCO Veloce Pro Trimmer Gold Digital Gap Standard Original Blade Li-Ion Battery

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  • Professional High Torque Brushless DC Motor (Version 2): Our improved world-class brushless DC motor delivers ultra-smooth unmatched power, low noise, and longevity for an ultimate cutting experience
  • Long Lasting Fast Charging Lithium-Ion Battery: Lithium-ion battery charges to full charge in 3 hours and provides 2 hours of run time, allowing continuous usage for busy days. The blue light will blink while charging is in process. Once fully charged, the battery indicator illuminates to a solid blue, and you are ready to go!
  • Digital Gap Ambassador DLC Blade For Detailing & Outlining: Cocco Veloce Pro Trimmer features a world-class Digital Gap™ Ambassador DLC Blade with an integrated skin protection system. The Digital Gap™ Ambassador DLC Blade provides superior performance with touch-and-go lining.
  • Special Design: The Veloce Pro Trimmer features all-metal aluminum alloy housing with ultra-lightweight technology, making it ideal for professional use. The special design gives better visuals while cutting, which helps to get precision results every time.