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Casio School & Home Combo Pack (Includes fx-300ES PLUS & SL-300SV)

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  • Casio School and Home Calculator Combo Pack Includes FX-300ESPLUS Scientific Calculator and SL-300SV Solar Powered Standard Function Calculator
  • Accessories Included: FX300ESPLUS Scientific Calculator: Slide-On Hard Protective Case SL300SV Basic Calculator: Wallet type case
  • FX300ESPLUS Scientific Calculator: Natural Textbook Display: Can display fractions, derivatives, integrals, sum and other operations similar to their display in math textbooks. Statistics and Linear Regression: This calculator can linear regression, quadratic regression, logarithmic regression, exponential regression, exponential regression, power regression and inverse regression.
  • Review/edit previous entries: Allow you to scroll up on the screen to see and edit previously made calculations. 2-function Table of values [f(x), g(x)]: The table mode allows you to input a function and view the table of values for that function. Prime Factorization: Allows you to determine the set of prime numbers which multiply together to get the original integer. Random Number Generator: Allows you to randomly generate integers.
  • SL300SV Basic Calculator: 8 Digit Big Easy to Read Display Independent Memory Percent Key %